About BPW/LV


BPW, which stands for Business and Professional Women, is an organization that promotes awareness of women’s issues as well as economic, social, community, and political concerns. We are the “voice of working women.” We are a diverse group and welcome women of all walks of life and levels of employment. We work together for pay equity, women’s economic self-sufficiency, and work place equality. BPW/USA is the oldest and largest organization for working women in the world.

Who are we?

Founded in 2000, BPW/LV has been a part of the BPW tradition of women helping women as women’s roles have evolved over the last 90 years. Join us as we take the friendships, goals, and achievements of the past 20 years and move forward in the 21st century!

Who can join BPW/LV?

Any individual motivated to support the BPW objectives may become a member.

Our Goal

To promote full participation, equity, and economic self-sufficiency for America’s women.

Our Objectives

To elevate the standards of working women through education and leadership opportunities.

To actively influence our legislators on issues important to women and children including:

  • Equal Rights Amendment
  • Pay Equity
  • Dependent Care
  • Fair Pension Laws
  • Equity in insurance, education, and training
  • Women’s Health Issues

Our Strength

The local organization is the heart of BPW. Members believe that unity is the strength needed to achieve our goals. BPW/LV members are also members of the District and State BPW organizations.

The work place isn’t the only place to build your career.

We encourage you to grow personally and professionally by:

  • Networking with women from all walks of life
  • Involving yourself with women’s issues
    • Economic
    • Social
    • Community
    • Political
  • Participating in projects to address these issues

Your success and growth are related to your personal satisfaction and self-esteem. BPW of LV can enable you to acquire skills and knowledge that will benefit your career and personal life.

Become a Member of BPW Today!

Annual membership fees support our local club, the Pennsylvania State Federation of BPW clubs, and the BPW Foundation, a 501C3 charitable foundation. The annual membership dues are only $30.

Contact us for more information!